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How to Hire

Defining the Role

Do you really need to hire? People often hire to fix problems, but hiring isn’t always a magic bullet. So before you recruit, it’s wise to give some thought to why a problem exists.

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How to Hire

Getting Ready to Recruit

What makes your company a great place to work?  You might not have thought about this before. But it’s important you can articulate this, because it’s part of the story that you will

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How to Hire

Sharing the Workload

Each time you recruit somebody, designate somebody the hiring manager. The hiring manager ‘owns’ that role: she’s the point person for all things related to filling that role. A

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How to Hire

What a good Careers Page looks like

Your company careers page should be an accurate and authentic reflection of your company. It should communicate who you are, what your mission is, what your challenges are, and who you’re

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How to Hire

Finding People – Sourcing

Sourcing is where you proactively ‘scout out’ people who might be suitable hires.  In a small team, the best way to begin is to set a hiring meeting to discuss the type of person you

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How to Hire

Finding People – Referrals

Often, the best people are not on the market. They won’t approach you – so you have to find them. The good news is that very often your team will already know who these people are.

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How to Hire

Finding People – Events

Events are fertile ground for recruitment. There are plenty of events to attend in the startup world. When considering attending events put on by other companies, you should think about the

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How to Hire

Finding People – Job Adverts

Many people feel the role of advertising in hiring is becoming redundant. In some organisations there’s even a bias against those who apply. But this myth of “the best people

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How to Hire

Finding People – Recruitment Agencies

Using an agency can be a great timesaver, if you do decide to work with one here’s a few tips: Negotiate terms you’re comfortable with.For early stage startups, hiring fees are generally