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The Thought Leader’s New Clothes


“Thought Leaders” are the celebrities of mundane arts.  Whilst pop stars fill stadia and the Hollywood elite dazzle on the silver screen the world over, there are those that covet a decidedly smaller stage.  Whilst the children of ancient Athens grew up admiring the philosophers of the Agora, and the youth of the Renaissance had…

By Matt Buckland

“You’ve got to have an Algorithm!” A Recruiter’s Guide to the A-word


Even if you only have a casual interest in the world of hiring it’s not long before you’ll encounter someone touting a magic bullet, a panacea for the “broken” world of recruitment globally.  Currently riding high on the buzzword bingo cards of these self-styled saviours is the humble “algorithm”.  This isn’t the algorithm you might…

By Matt Buckland

Podcast – Tech Recruitment and Why Recruitment Algorithms Don’t Work – with Matt Alder


Another podcast, this time with the excellent Matt Alder.  Matt is compiling a series of excellent perspectives on recruiting called Recruiting Future, you can listen to the whole series here. To listen to me talk about Startups, scale-ups and sledgehammers hit play below… [c5ab_audio c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”″ ]

By Matt Buckland