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“You’ve got to have an Algorithm!” A Recruiter’s Guide to the A-word


Even if you only have a casual interest in the world of hiring it’s not long before you’ll encounter someone touting a magic bullet, a panacea for the “broken” world of recruitment globally.  Currently riding high on the buzzword bingo cards of these self-styled saviours is the humble “algorithm”.  This isn’t the algorithm you might…

By Matt Buckland

Podcast – Tech Recruitment and Why Recruitment Algorithms Don’t Work – with Matt Alder


Another podcast, this time with the excellent Matt Alder.  Matt is compiling a series of excellent perspectives on recruiting called Recruiting Future, you can listen to the whole series here. To listen to me talk about Startups, scale-ups and sledgehammers hit play below… [c5ab_audio c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” url=”″ ]

By Matt Buckland