Video – Tech and Talent

Earlier this year I was asked to be on a panel to discuss how Talent teams use tech and how the rise of software has changed the experience for candidates and the companies recruiting them.

It’s a long one, but has some interesting observations from the participants.

Podcast – Innovation and The Future of Recruitment

Another podcast, and a return to talking with the brilliant Matt Alder.  Matt continues to compile a series of excellent perspectives on recruiting and HR called Recruiting Future, you can listen to the whole series here.

To listen to me try my hand at some futurism and badmouth clumsy attempts to use Snapchat for Recruitment hit play below!

Podcast – Tech Recruitment and Why Recruitment Algorithms Don’t Work – with Matt Alder

Another podcast, this time with the excellent Matt Alder.  Matt is compiling a series of excellent perspectives on recruiting called Recruiting Future, you can listen to the whole series here.

To listen to me talk about Startups, scale-ups and sledgehammers hit play below…

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Video – Employer Branding Panel at Stack Overflow Careers – London Tech Talent Week

Stack Overflow hosted a panel on Employer Branding in their shiny new offices and they were kind enough to let me offer some thoughts.  It’s interesting that when thinking about Employer Branding the panel often didn’t seem to be using the same definition.  With the growing interest in the area as companies seek to differentiate themselves via their “culture” hopefully you’ll find this of interest.

The entire panel is split over three videos so settle in… fetch popcorn…

Podcast – How To Shape Startup Culture Using Archetypes – The Lexoo Blog

Lexoo are one of the startups I’m lucky enough to work with at Forward Partners. They asked me to talk to them about the culture of Forward Partners and how we defined what that really was. We talked about Jungian archetypes, why Nike is the hero in their own story and why we have a whip and lightsaber in the office.

There’s a transcript and some other links to the workshop presentation here.