Finding People – Job Adverts

Finding People – Job Adverts

Many people feel the role of advertising in hiring is becoming redundant. In some organisations there’s even a bias against those who apply.

But this myth of “the best people aren’t looking” has led to firms missing out on some great candidates who’ve actively tried to join their companies. At one place I worked, they jokingly referred to their stack of CVs as ‘the bin’. But this prejudice led to them overlooking valuable talent. One candidate that we reached out to told us: “But you’ve already got my application. I’ve applied twice already!”

A great advert will communicate your company’s culture, help you stand out from the crowd and actively discourage those people who don’t fit.  Remember a job advert is more than just a job description: make your advert aspirational, tell the reader how they would make a difference to the organisation, and why their skill set matters to you. Make sure you include all the details they’d need to apply and keep that application process simple and low friction.

For a more in-depth look at how to write a great advertisement you can look here

Try to A/B test different titles and descriptions of the role on free to advertise sites – find out what works to attract views and then graduate this copy to the paid for ad sites.

Now you have copy that works, here are some places to advertise:

Github (Devs)

StackOverflow (Devs)

White Truffle (Devs)

AngelList (Tech)

Hacker News Who’s Hiring (Tech)

Reddit London For Hire thread (Tech)  (Tech/Design/Marketing)

KD Nuggets (Data Scientists)

WorkInStartups (Tech/Design/Marketing/Interns)

London Startup Jobs (General)

LinkedIn (Sales/Marketing)

Escape the City (Nontech)

Intern Avenue (Interns)

University Careers Services (Interns)