Getting Ready for you new Team Member

It’s crucial that you stay connected with your new hire until he begins work: remember, the role is not filled until he arrives. Leading up to his first day, invite your new hire to social events, important meetings and anything else that your other employees are part of.

Internally, you should have these things prepared before your new hire starts:

  1. Get all of his technical equipment preferences in advance, and have his desk set up.
  2. Make sure the team knows this person is starting, and are looped in to key details like name, background and role. It’s everyone’s job to make new hires feel welcome!
  3. Tell your new hire what day and time to show up, and be there!
  4. Have a project ready for him to work on so meaningful work can start happening on day one.
  5. If your team is large enough, delegate a buddy / mentor for the first few weeks. The buddy is responsible for helping with all basic questions (“How do I use the coffee machine? What printer do we connect to? What task tool do we use?”) and helping the new hire get settled. The buddy is also a good resource for general feedback and advice, so it should ideally be someone who knows what success at your startup looks like.
  6. Have a social event planned during his first week to help them feel comfortable and wanted.
  7. On the big first day, have an orientation meeting set up for the new hire(s) where you give a full pitch of where the team is today, values, goals, what’s on the product and commercial roadmaps and what the long-term vision for the team is. This is often covered during interviews, but now you can be completely transparent with details.

Your aim should be to inspire and excite. They are now part of the future of your company!

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