Getting Ready to Recruit

What makes your company a great place to work? 
You might not have thought about this before. But it’s important you can articulate this, because it’s part of the story that you will tell to prospective candidates.
Maybe your company is a great place to work because of its products or technology. Maybe it’s the great company culture you’re trying to build, its aim and mission, or the great technologies you’re using in innovative ways. Even the office space itself can be used to communicate to a candidate what it’s like to be a part of your company.
Being able to share your company’s story will help candidates to see why they should come aboard. If a candidate is engaged at this – the earliest stage it will make the process of interviewing and offering much easier later on.
Need help defining your story? Here’s some questions to ask yourself:
  • Why did you start the company?
  • What does your company do?
  • What do you want people to think when thinking about your company?
  • What technologies do you use?
  • Who decides what and how to build new features/products?
  • Why have people joined in the past?
  • How does the team decide what to work on?
  • What stories do you tell about your company to others?
  • What anecdotes tell you most about the way the company works?
  • What have you achieved so far?
  • What will the company look like in 5 years? How will it feel to work there? What about in 10 years’ time?
  • What’s the state of the current team? What would you like to change or alter before adding more people to the room?
All these things will help you to clarify your vision for the company, and help prospective candidates imagine joining you for the ride.

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