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How to Hire

Finding People – Job Adverts

Many people feel the role of advertising in hiring is becoming redundant. In some organisations there’s even a bias against those who apply. But this myth of “the best people

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How to Hire

Finding People – Recruitment Agencies

Using an agency can be a great timesaver, if you do decide to work with one here’s a few tips: Negotiate terms you’re comfortable with.For early stage startups, hiring fees are generally

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How to Hire

Hiring Interns

Done right, hiring interns is a win-win situation. You get somebody who’s keen to dive in and help out, and will bring a fresh perspective to your team. In return, the intern gets solid

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How to Hire

Contacting Candidates

The first point of contact is an important step in the recruitment process. Here’s what we’ve learned about making that initial introduction: Consider carefully who makes the first

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How to Hire

Reading a CV

The are two important things to realise about CVs. Firstly they’re for screening out, not for making final decisions. It’s important not to make assumptions as to candidate fit

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How to Hire

Hiring for Culture

Culture isn’t about beer, ping-pong tables or t-shirts, as a rough rule if you can buy it in a shop it’s isn’t your “culture”. ‘Culture fit’ is unique to

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How to Hire

Creating a Great Recruitment Process

Before you start interviewing candidates for an open role, you should map out what questions will need to be asked and how you’ll structure the interviews to get those questions answered.

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How to Hire

What makes a good Developer?

How do you know if a developer is good? Answer: you have to watch them code. (Whiteboard or laptop is fine; your choice.) Decide as a team how much syntax matters, and remain consistent. For

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How to Hire

What makes a good Sales Person?

For many reasons, hiring a sales person is different to hiring a developer. Since sales is an external-facing role, you have to think about whether or not you’d want this candidate to