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How to Hire

Interviewing for a skill set you don’t have

Talk to your friends at other companies who have the specialty you’re hiring for. Ask about their previous interviews, and how they hire for their current team. You could even ask that friend to

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How to Hire

Making the Hiring decision

It’s important to decide how you feel about a candidate immediately after the interview. Speed is crucial because details and hiring decision accuracy get lost as time goes by. Think about

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How to Hire

Closing the Candidate

So the interviews went well, and you want to hire this candidate. To figure out the compensation package to offer, look at: Your runway, budget and hiring plan. Some of our portfolio companies

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How to Hire

Employment Contracts

As soon as someone has accepted a job offer from you, a contract exists between the two parties. The terms and conditions of employment can be agreed in more detail at a later stage in a more

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How to Hire

Getting Ready for you new Team Member

It’s crucial that you stay connected with your new hire until he begins work: remember, the role is not filled until he arrives. Leading up to his first day, invite your new hire to social

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The Mis-Match of Algorithmic Recruitment

It’s the not so distant future. A mobile app linked to a wrist mounted wearable wakes you, at precisely the right moment.  It monitors your sleep patterns and pulse rate and greets you each


Podcast – Startup Recruiters Exposed

Hung Lee of has been talking to a number of recruiters, talent acquisition folks and a few heads of talent for this podcast series.  The whole series is well worth a listen but