What a good Careers Page looks like

What a good Careers Page looks like

Your company careers page should be an accurate and authentic reflection of your company.

It should communicate who you are, what your mission is, what your challenges are, and who you’re looking to hire. It should also explain why someone should want to work at your company.

A company career page should never be just a list of open roles. It’s a great place to show off the great things that you’re building and the great team you have so far. It should show candidates that you’re a group of talented people working on challenges that they’d love to be a part of.

Examples of good careers pages


Airbnb’s careers page outlines the firm’s values, and leads with its mission statement: ‘Create a World That Inspires Human Connection’.


DueDil profiles the people you’ll work with and the culture it offers. There’s a list of roles, but they make clear they’re open to resumes: “Don’t worry if we don’t have an opening, for the right person, we’ll make one.”


Vend’s careers page shows you what they believe, how they work, who they’re looking for and what you’ll get all whilst leaving you with the sense that this is a great place to work.